A progressive web app generator focused on Javascript Stack with focus on KaiOS

It is a self-hosted SaaS(Software as a Service) that allows modular assembly and integration of web apps. It aims to target kaiOS and Android Go using Progressive Web Apps.

Also has support for native apps on Android and iOS using react native and ionic.


The singular purpose is to ease and speed up development of apps.

  • A developer friendly commandline to manage all your favorite tools
  • Easy to install npm install expedite -g
  • Easy to use: ex <commandname> -options

The commandline is an integration of various cloud tools, and provides many deployment options.



  • Packaging frontend and backend of components to provide boilerplate blocks for assembling a Node app.
  • Creating the library of several of these components for rapid app development.
  • The ability to connect to any type of database.
  • The ability to simply connect to any programming APIs and provide integration to connect to cloud platforms(IaaS/PaaS) and cloud applications(SaaS).
  • Adheres to modern web and app development practices.

All you need is the latest chrome and the latest nodejs ( you probably already do!).


Standing on the shoulders of giants

This project uses the following languages, libraries and frameworks

Programming languages

  • JavaScript
  • Markdown
  • YAML
  • WebAssembly(Using C++/C#)

Frameworks and Libraries

  • Node.js
  • Express
  • React Native

Applications used for Product Mangement

  • Ora.pm – project management and gantt charts
  • Slack – messaging
  • Github – code management
  • Docsify – documentation management

    Supported technologies on the Platform:

    • Postgre
    • Mysql
    • SQL server
    • Oracle DB
  • NoSql databases
    • mongoDB
    • redis
    • Cassandra
  • All JavaScript libraries
  • Common ReSTful APIs
  • Cloud Infrastructure Hosts
    • Google Cloud
    • AWS
    • Digital Ocean

and with roadmap to support many more!

Available Commands

  • expedite-front-react-base It creates a react base template with all the plugins configured.
  • expedite-front-docsites It will initialise docusaurus.
  • expedite-front-docsites-config It will pick values from config file and apply them to the generated application.
  • expedite-front-start It will initialise the local server at localhost:8080

Open Source

And it’s OSS so jump straight to the code.

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To submit fixes and feature improvements, fork a copy of the repo and submit a pull request. For corrections and modifications to the docs, fork a copy of the docs repo.

Main Repo:



Meet The Team

Alok Prateek


Mahesh Inder


Atul Singh


Priyesh Sahaniya